A lot of tools (schedulers, backup, security monitoring) have a built-in capability to report information via email.

zmaildrop is a mail delivery agent (MDA) specifically designed to analyse emails, extract relevant information and send it to Zabbix server.

As an MDA, zmaildrop integrates easily with mail transfer agents (MTA) such as Postfix, Exim, Qmail or mail retrieving tools as Fetchmail.

zmaildrop is highly configurable. It uses a simple YAML syntax to describe tool specific mail formats.

It currently includes configuration files and Zabbix templates for:


Detailed instructions are provided in README file.

Released versions are in:

Subversion repository is accessible in read only mode:

svn checkout http://dev.aperto.fr/svn/zmaildrop

zmaildrop is released under GPLv2 or later.

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